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-Strengthen soccer muscles

-Soccer agility, ball control and endurance

-Develop soccer timing, dexterity, and handling

-Improve soccer peripheral vision and flexibility



Kwik Kik soccer speed ball improving soccer skills for youth and professionals alike

A Great Soccer Gift Idea! New Soccer Equipment & Training Device to improve your soccer skills 

Speed Ball
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soccer skills improve with kwik kik speed ball
A Soccer Training Device for Youth & Pros alike. Soccer Camps use Soccer Devices for Training Players to "touch" the Soccer Ball. Now you can use this Soccer training Equipment at home! Soccer  Skills are used in every sport.

You will develop faster by  supplementing  your off season practice with the Kwik Kik, get those Soccer moves down.  Don't delay, Order today.

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Surprise your Soccer Coach, shock your friends and teammates.  Take a new set of skills to soccer practice in the next few weeks.  Call! or order on-line today.


As you can see, this is a great Training Exercise for any sport, not just Soccer.  So don't be fooled by the Soccer Ball.   You need leg and ankle conditioning in every sport. Why not give this great Exercise a try?  You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.  Use it while dribbling and passing a basketball, catching and throwing a baseball or football.

soccer ball only $9.95 with purchase of your soccer skills improving trainer-Kwik Kik Speedball


Even if your not playing a sport such as soccer, football, or baseball, and not looking to improve your soccer skills and are just looking for a great way to stay in aerobic shape while improving your balance, endurance, stamina, and vision... Give Kwik Kik Speed Ball a try.  Speed balls have worked for boxers skills for years, why limit yourself to one sport, get in shape now with Kwik Kik's Speed Ball!


Improves soccer skills such as agility, speed, enurance, stamina, balance, vision

Jesse Sowards Punter for the BYU football team demonstrating this new  Soccer Training Equipment.
The "Home Position" inside-inside

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Just as a speed bag develops the hands and arms of a boxer, the Kwik Kik Speed Ball develops the feet and legs of a Soccer player!

Develops Muscle Memory!


Use of the Kwik Kik Speed Ball will develop and strengthen muscles in unusual places - muscles that are required for many Soccer (and other athletic) moves. The Kwik Kik Equipment's - Speed Ball training device is a concentrated exercise. Just a few minutes daily will increase stamina, develop peripheral vision, use of both feet, and most of all confidence. Your feet and ankles will become tougher and less prone to injury. Every skill developed by the upper body will be built on the foundation of good eye-foot coordination. Aerobically it's as good as jumping rope but with the added benefits:


Start improving your skills and health today!  

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